Terms of Use


  1. Terms of Use define the rules, scope and conditions of use of the website therapify.ai (hereinafter referred to as WEBSITE) and the services performed by the ADMINISTRATOR through the WEBSITE.
  2. The Owner and ADMINISTRATOR of the WEBSITE is THERAPIFY LIMITED with the seat in Warwick (Innovation Centre Gallows Hill; Warwick, England CV34 6UW), registered in the Companies House under the number 12097631 (hereinafter also referred to as ADMINISTRATOR).


  1. The WEBSITE can be used through Internet network by web browsers valid web browsers for operational systems MacOS and Windows (only versions currently supported by the provider).
  2. It is free of charge to use the WEBSITE.
  3. The service provided through WEBSITE is to present the mobile application Therapify (available on App Store and Google Play platforms) and psychoeducational articles on the blog, presentation of company Therapify LTD and on enabling users (both users of an mobile app – mentioned earlier and the Website) to contact with the Therapify representatives.
  4. By using the website, the User accepts the provisions contained in the Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use.
  5. USER is obliged to use the WEBSITE in a lawful manner, beholding social and moral norms and by the provisions of the Terms of Use. It is not permitted to give any medical advice through the WEBSITE (e.g. in comments on the WEBSITE). This kind of publications will be removed from the WEBSITE as soon as it’s possible.
  6. It is forbidden to submit and share unlawful content by the USERS in the WEBSITE in particular the content and/or references that (e.g. in comments on the WEBSITE):
    1. abuse the rights and the privileges of third parties
    2. propagate discrimination against race, ethnicity, religion, culture and sexual orientation
    3. propagate pornography and violence
    4. are of advertising nature
    5. incongruent with the commonly adopted standards of the internet community.
  7. Provision of Services consisting in enabling the USER to access content on the WEBSITE takes place while the USER is using the WEBSITE. The cessation of services is provided when the use of the Website is discontinued. The USER has the right to cease using the WEBSITE at any time.
  8. ADMINISTRATOR is not responsible for the malfunctions of telecommunication systems, WEBSITE and the software (other than the WEBSITE software) installed on the device of the USER.
  9. The cost of data transfer required to download, install, start and use the WEBSITE is covered by the USERS on their own, based on the agreements concluded with the telecommunication services providers and/or other internet services providers. The USER is responsible for any payment for the usage of transfer of data that was necessary to use the WEBSITE. The carrier recommends the WEBSITE USERS to use a WEBSITE or an operational system function to measure the amount of the transferred data.


  1. Software pertaining to the WEBSITE, its newer versions, modifications or any updates, adaptations or other changes thereof, along with the source code, as well as resources and information, logos, design elements, trademarks are a subject of the proprietary copyrights that are secured on the terms set forth in the generally applicable law, in particular, the Polish legal act on the copyright and related rights (Ustawa z dnia 4 lutego 1994 o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych).
  2. The USER does not have the right to decompile the WEBSITE shared with them or to proceed with any activities pertaining to the unauthorized access to database content.


  1. USER of the WEBSITE has the right to file a complaint in cases pertaining to the functioning of the WEBSITE and to the provision of services of the agreement concluded with the ADMINISTRATOR.
  2. Complaints shall be filed electronically via hello@therapify.ai.
  3. A complaint should contain the following information:
    1. USER identification
    2. description of the malfunction
    3. the date and the duration of the malfunction
    4. possibly screenshots from a mobile device indicating the errors or inappropriate tendencies in the WEBSITE.
  4. ADMINISTRATOR shall process the complaint within 30 days after they received it.
  5. ADMINISTRATOR may turn to the USER for additional explanation or information.
  6. ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right to extend the period for complaint processing in the case additional explanation or information is needed from the USER and for reasons unattributable to the ADMINISTRATOR (e.g. internet breakdown, force majeure).
  7. USER gives their consent to the ADMINISTRATOR to give their answer to the complaint electronically to the given e-mail address. ADMINISTRATOR shall answer the complaint in a written form, in the case when the USER demands that answer in such form.


  1. These Terms of Use is a regulation as defined in the Section 8 of the Polish Legal act of 18 July 2002 about the electronic provision of services (Ustawa z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną).
  2. In the cases unregulated by the Terms the appropriate generally applicable law shall be applied, including in particular the Polish Civil Code, the Polish Act on electronic of services (Ustawa z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną) and the laws concerning data protection.
  3. ADMINISTRATOR has the right to close or limit access to the WEBSITE in order to enter updates or do necessary maintenance work. Technical breaks in the functioning of the WEBSITE are not subject to complaints from the USER or third-parties.
  4. Terms of Use are accessible free of charge though the WEBSITE.
  5. The ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. USERS shall be notified about the changes of the Terms of Use with at least 7-day notice on the email addresses provided by them (if the Users provided the e-mail during the usage of WEBSITE’s services and the permission to hold the data was not withdrawn by the user) and after they first started the WEBSITE after the notification about the Terms of Use modification. The changes are in force as of the moment mentioned in the notification about the change/s in the Terms of Use (which shall not be earlier than in the period of 7 days). Changes are considered accepted by the USER upon starting to use the WEBSITE after they are implemented. The ADMINISTRATOR will broadcast the information about changes in terms of use for 14 days from the new terms of use establishing.
  6. Terms of Use are in force as of September 1, 2019.