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Therapify is an all-in-one mobile app (web version will also be available soon) which allows psychotherapists to automate their work just like other industries and professions out there. It is the first service of its kind in the CEE region but also one of few worldwide. It’s all about saving time at the end of the day.

10 On average, psychotherapists conduct therapy sessions with 15 to 30 patients every week. Which is a lot of hard specialistic work. It requires many years of studies, certification training and professional experience. Also, the work that is focused on the relationship with a patient.

But there’s also a lot of ‘manual’ work such as:
  • distributing materials and questionnaires – psychotherapists, especially those who use CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) approach distribute dozens of educational and exercise material to their patients every week. It’s usually done on paper or in word/pdf by email. Imagine how much there is to optimize here if we do it automatically through special software for example – you can assign it to your patients in 10s just with one click);
  • payment processing – which is transferring right now from cash to digital in Europe but there is still a problem with deposit securing in case of visit cancellation, which could be done with the simple money processing mobile tool in-app / via web);
  • a lot of patients forget about doing homework – which is pretty important for the psychotherapy process to go well so if you assign the tasks, materials or anything else to your patient in Therapify you can be sure that they will receive reminders in the appropriate time and will be able to do their tasks wherever it’s in a tram, on a beach, party at Joe’s or just somewhere else;
  • any contact outside of the professional office – which most professionals rather don’t like to do via text-messages because their family and friends are already there. Some therapists use WhatsApp which is not integrated with patients data and generally it’s not the greatest tool for communication in a professional context;
Imagine that there would be no tools dedicated for your profession. And there is 1m+ psychologists worldwide conducting 1.5b+ appointments with patients every year if we count psychiatrists in. There are so many people around us who need help.

Mental health professionals should have the possibility to focus on the patients instead of on dealing with unnecessary constraints every single day. Psychotherapists’ work is essential for societies around the world. That’s why we have decided to resolve the problems they face every day so that they can work more comfortably, help patients with full effectiveness, and finally have some extra moments to catch a breath. To save their time is the pledge of each of us here in Therapify.

We would like to introduce to you four psychotherapists who were the first to join the group of specialists using Therapify in their work:

Screen Shot 2020 02 12 at 1.10.32 PM

Iza Marchwińska started using Therapify in October 2019. We first met in one of the coffee places Warsaw. All of the following meetings consisted of ‘quick issue solving’ via Skype so the next f2f meeting was just before Christmas 2019.

It turned out that she had 10 patients in her account already. Since then we have been learning how the psychotherapist – patients collaboration actually looks in app looks like, how they communicate or distribute tasks and specialistic questionnaires in it.

We are observing that we have been able to improve the work of psychotherapists in the following ways:

Screen Shot 2020 02 13 at 11.37.22 AM It has been only 4 months so we have many more big aspirations for the future! Here is the quantitative summary as a bonus:

Screen Shot 2020 02 12 at 1.10.10 PM

I will share stories of Ania, Teresa and Daniele in the near future. But Iza’s case clearly shows that there are a lot of things that we (at Therapify) can help with our professionals so they can help hundreds of people with the full efficiency which allows them doing their job with no unnecessary constraints – saving their precious time.

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