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Specialist’s first steps at Therapify

Recently we published an article First steps for your therapy with Therapify, which showed how our app can help those who are in psychotherapy. We went through various functionalities step by step, showing how they can be used within your therapy or to monitor one’s mood.

This time we want to show how a specialist –psychiatrist or psychotherapist — can use Therapify to support their work with patients.

Where can I add my patients? How can I check how their condition has been changing during the last week? Can I give them an assignment? How to enter a note on the a patient?

 In this article you will find an answer to these and many other questions!

Validation stage

 The first time you log in to the app, you will see a welcome screen from which you can add the first patient with whom you will use Therapify in the process of the therapy you are conducting. Press ‘ + ‘ and to go to the “Add patient” screen.

 After pressing the ‘ + ‘ button this screen appeared? Don’t worry — all is good. If this message appears on the first screen, it means that your account is still undergoing the validation process.

 As in the message you will see in the app, our team checks every person who subscribes to the app as a specialist. We do this to prevent a situation where people without proper qualifications will use the version dedicated to a professional of our app.

 If we had a problem with confirming you as a specialist on the basis of the data you provided during registration, we will contact you and ask you to send appropriate documents confirming your right Medical (specialization: psychiatry) or psychotherapist Licence. Are you currently in the certification process? All good! Then we will ask for a document confirming that you are being trained in this school of psychotherapy.

What can I do in the app before my account is verified then?

Sample therapy

After you close the account verification information, the application will display a list with a sample patient. Thanks to this option, you will get acquainted with the types of data of your patients, that you’ll be able to observe in the app already before the verification process is over.

Select ‘Adam Bonarski Demo’ and see what therapy in Therapify might look like.

Adding patients

If your account has been verified, you can get started with Therapify and add your first patient.

After logging in to the application, the screen with the list of your patients will appear (see the image above). At the bottom of the screen you will see three tabs:

  • Active — patients who have accepted an invitation to  be connected with you in the app;
  • Inactive — patients that have been deactivated by you-for example, after the end of therapy;
  • Pending — invitations from patients who have added you as their specialist. After accepting the invitation, you will be linked in the app and the patient will be moved to the ‘Active’ tab.
To add a new patient, press the ” + ” in the lower right corner.

Then enter the details of your new client and press ‘Invite’.

  Any information entered there is visible only to you. Neither your patient, nor we have access to the data that you enter in the fields visible above.

The only fields that are required to be able to invite a patient is the email address — where an invitation to therapy will be sent. In case of problems with accepting the invitation in the email, ask your patient to download the app and open the “My Therapists” tab — an invitation from you will be marked as ‘Pending’.

Other fields can contain additional information that will be used to organize information about all patients and will be displayed on the customer tab in your app.

Preview of a therapy with a patient

 You have already added patients with whom you conduct therapy. A week has passed and you’re wondering how the patients you work with are doing.

When you open the app, you will immediately see a list with all the patients who have approved the invitations to the app that you have sent.

Tap on the selected user and navigate to view his progress.  

A preview of the Patient tab

 After selecting a user from the list, you will be taken to the screens to view all the information you have included, as well as the data that your patient has recently entered into the app.

 At the bottom of the screen are 4 bookmarks. The first tab on the left – Patient- is a tab of your patient, where you entered the information while inviting a user to therapy (see the image above). 

Adding notes

Did something happen during the meeting that you would like to write down? Or maybe you need to summarize your thoughts about the progress of the patient?

We have created a possibility to add any number of notes assigned to the account of a selected user. You have one, more secure place where all your notes will be always available at your fingertips. You can now replace paper notes and heavy folders with our app!

To add a note, click on a cloud sign in the top right corner of the Patient tab.


A list of all the notes you have added will be available under the ‘notes’ icon in the Patient tab. These are your personal notes-this means that neither we, nor your client have access to them.


Change analysis

 To check how your patient has been doing recently, open the second tab on the left – ‘Analysis’.

Here you will see a diagram * of the changes in the intensity of states and emotions that your patient measures. Each day they can make three measurements, which, along with a comment, will be displayed when you tap a selected measurement. This way you will learn what is your Patient’s biggest problem and how it changes over time with the development of therapy.

* We are constantly working to improve the analysis presented on the chart – viewing the charts in the app at the time you read this article may differ from the one shown in the image above.

Day preview

 To see detailed information about your patient’s progress in recent days, as well as the entire therapy, open the third tab on the left – ‘Therapy’. 

Here you will see a timeline showing each day from the moment when the patient started using the app and entering data into it. Here you will find information about the intensity of individual states and emotions for the selected day, the assignments planned for that day, and you will also be able to look into a completed ‘Diary’ (based on the ABC Ellis model) in which you will find what thoughts, emotions, physiological reactions and behaviors accompanied your patient in different situations.

Access to that information will definitely help you in your therapeutic work during your next appointment.

 If you want to see the results from a given day, click on the selected segment (white rectangle) and go to the next screen.

Each of the information entered by the client, you can – but do not need-to comment on. It is enough that you click on the cloud icon above the selected segment and you will be taken to the ‘adding notes’ screen.

The notes entered there are also visible to your patient. If something important has happened – for example, your patient has completed an assignment with which they had a problem for a very long time, or maybe their measurements have plummeted and you’re wondering what happened – you can use the notes feature to send a message to your patient.

Remember, however, that you don’t need to use this feature like an instant messaging app, and your patient can’t expect round-the-clock availability of their specialist. It is you and your client who set the rules that will apply to the usage of this feature.


“Yeah, I know, I was going to do this homework, but you know…I have so much on my head, I just forgot, I didn’t have time to do it.” Or maybe, “Oh, that’s rightIt completely slipped my mind. Unfortunately, today I don’t have the notes you asked me for at the last meeting””

 Sounds familiar? It’s normal that your patients forget about assignments or aren’t motivated enough to do them. That’s why, we implemented a template that will allow you to assign any task to the patient, as well as to set a reminder, thanks to which your patient will remember what to prepare before the next appointment.

 Or maybe your patient should perform repetitive tasks throughout the therapy? Don’t worry, you won’t have to type them in the app every single time – just select the “Recurring Assignment” option and set the number of repetitions. You can also remind your patient about upcoming visits or medication!

 To assign your patient a task that they should complete before the following meeting, open the last tab – ‘Assignments’.

 There you will see all the assignments that have been added so far by your patient, you or another specialist – if your client has both a psychologist and a psychiatrist, two specialists may have access to the specialist account.

 Tap ‘ + ‘ in the lower right corner and go to the screen for adding assignments.

 Fill in the required fields and save the assignment. The patient will see the task you created on their list when they log in to the application and will receive a reminder motivating them to complete it. You, in turn, will be able to see whether it has been done.  


The Therapify app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play stores. Using the app with more than one customer requires the purchase of a monthly subscription in accordance with the rules specified on the Pricing page.

You’re unsure whether the application will be useful for you, so do not want to immediately decide to purchase it? Don’t worry! Each specialist who registers in our program and will be validated by us, gets access to a 30-day trial period.

During the trial period, you can use all the functionalities of our application with any number of customers. After 30 days, you can opt out and will not be charged any fee! There is also no need to worry that you forget to cancel your subscription and we will charge you for another month. At the end of the 30-day trial period, a member of our team will contact you to ask about Your feedback on Therapify and will ask if you want to use the app and start a paid subscription. No paid subscription period will start without your consent!

If you don’t want to use a paid plan, you can still use the app, however adding more than one patient will be blocked.

Remember about ‘The more, the cheaper’ principle. As in Pricing, we offer an individual license, a package of licenses for three specialists, as well as a package of licenses for a larger office (+10 specialists). If you work in an office with other specialists- the special ‘3 in 1’ offer or the offer designed for a large office will be the best solution for you!

If you have any questions regarding our app-write to us! We’re looking forward To your message at hello@therapify.ai.

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