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First steps for your therapy with Therapify!

How to define your states and emotions? How to measure them? What are the tasks for and how to create them? Where can I connect with my psychotherapist or psychiatrist?

In response to your questions, we have prepared a dedicated article for you in which we go through the individual screens of the application describing what you can see there.

With the help of this article you will learn how to start your adventure with Therapify!

Defining measurments

When you first log in to the app, you will be asked to give 3 parameters, the intensity of which you will want to measure each time you use Therapify.

These can be different emotions like Joy, Sadness, Anxiety or states, f.e. Willingness to work, Appetite and Fatigue.

Are you wondering what’s it for? Read why measure psychological states and emotions throughout the therapy.

You are in full control of the parameters entered, and it is you who decide which states and emotions you would like to monitor. You can change them at any time by clicking on your Profile -> Parameters (top left corner).

If you are in psychotherapy, talk about it with your specialist — they will certainly help you choose the parameters that are right for you.

Therapy screen

After defining the measurements, you will be taken to the main Therapy screen where you’ll find a summary of all the parameters you examine. Each segment (white rectangles) presents a short overview of the information you entered about your states and emotions from a single day.

Clicking on ‘+’ in the bottom right corner, will enable you to go to make a measurement and to create an assignment. We will add a new function there soon — a diary. With it you’ll see how given situations affect your emotions, thoughts, behavior and reactions!

Making measurments

After you go to “Well-being” (little brain icon), you’ll see a screen where you will be able to measure the intensity of previously defined parameters. 

Grade them on a scale of 1 to 6 and enter additional information in a note to better remember the situation you were in and what made you feel that way. 

Adding a task

Do you see your therapist every week? Do you need to do some tasks before every next meeting? Maybe you need to remember to take your medication at a specific time during the day?

We have prepared a flexible form for you that will keep you from forgetting about any assignment! Enter an assignment title, describe what needs to be done, and set notifications that will remind you of scheduled activities related to your therapy.

You can find a list of all the tasks you’ve created (or the assignments given to you by the specialist you are working with) by clicking on the Assignments tab in the bottom left corner. 


Analysis of mood changes

All measurements you enter in the app will be recorded and presented as a chart. By clicking on the “Analysis” tab (in the bottom right corner), you can see how your states and emotions change over the time! Click on a given day and below you will see a summary of the entered data.

Currently, you can enter one measurement per day for each of the defined parameters, and the graph does not yet have filtering options.

We are already working on that though. So that you can enter more parameters during the day and observe the changes on a chart that you will be able to filter it by day/week or month and by state/emotion.


You can add a note with additional information to every day, every well-being measurement or assignment. Click on the message icon placed above the one-day segment in Therapy view and you will be taken to the screen where you can enter additional information.

If you work with a specialist, your notes will also be visible to them with the possibility to add their own comment.

Remember that this is not a messenger though that would enable you a 24/7 contact with your specialist. You will decide together with your specialist on how often you want to interact via this function.

Cooperation with a specialist

To add a specialist you work with – a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist, open the Profile tab (upper left corner) and click on the ‘My therapists’ tab.

If you had already added your specialist, that’s where you will see their data. To add a specialist, click on “+” in the bottom right corner and go to the next screen. Enter their email and click on “Invite a specialist.”

If they already have a Therapify account, they will get a notification about the invite in the app. Otherwise, we will send an email to the indicated email address with your invitation.

After accepting the invitation, your specialist will be able to view all the information you have entered. They will be able to:
  • monitor how your states and emotions change during the therapy,
  • give you assignments to complete before your next appointment,
  • comment on the information you enter.
This way you will both get a better idea of how your condition is changing and of the progress you are making. This will be very useful in preparing for the next meeting! 

If you have any problems using the app or something is unclear to you – write to us at  We are constantly working on adding new fixes and functionalities in the application to improve the quality of your experience when using Therapify! We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you in setting up the application.

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