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Find a specialist

The application allows you to find the right specialist and book your first visit.

Select a specialist from the list and write a message to schedule an appointment.

Connect with a therapist

If you already have a therapist, invite him to collaborate in the application.

In the "My therapists" tab you can send an invitation to your specialist.

Monitor emotions and progress

Enter daily data on the intensity of previously defined parameters and check on the graph how the intensity of individual states and emotions changes.

You will quickly see what changes occur during psychotherapy and what you should focus on during subsequent meetings with your specialist.

Get ready for the visit

Set the date of the next meeting with the therapist and prepare the agenda for the next meeting.

The application will remind you about the upcoming meeting, and the meeting agenda function will help you organize the issues that you would like to talk to your therapist.

Online meetings

Use a secure video connection on Therapify to conduct a session with a therapist.

Our encrypted connection guarantees you confidentiality and anonymity.

Do homework

Forget about paper journals and notes. Your therapist can provide you with relevant materials and journals in the application.

Regardless of where you are, with Therapify you can perform all therapy tasks from the application level. We will remind you of them!

Get new clients

Mark your profile as visible and get new patients on Therapify!

People seeking a therapist will see your profile in the application and will be able to make an appointment with you for the first meeting.

Manage your patients

Invite your patients to use Therapify, send them an in-app invitation and manage them from one place.

Therapify allows you to add any number of clients, so everything you need is within the range of your phone

Calendar of visits

Set dates for subsequent meetings and manage the calendar for all visits in Therapify.

The application will give you a transparent view of the meeting schedule, and will also remind you of upcoming sessions.

Monitor emotions and progress

Set the parameters that your patient should measure. They can be states, emotions or any parameters that you suggest to the patient.

The application will ask the patient 3x daily about the intensity of individual states and emotions, and you will see on the chart how they change during the day, week or throughout the therapy.

Online meetings

Use a secure video connection on Therapify to conduct a session with a therapist.

Our encrypted connection guarantees you confidentiality and anonymity.

Assign homework

Journals of thoughts, emotions, nutrition, as well as many other forms for working on beliefs are now available in Therapify library!

Udostępnij wybrane materiały swoim pacjentom, co pozwoli im na wykonywanie poszczególnych zadań w aplikacji, a Ty otrzymasz wgląd do wszystkich uzupełnionych zadań.

Create your own forms and questionnaires

Are you missing a form, questionnaire or journal in Therapify? No problem!

Therapify form generator will allow you to create any questionnaires, as well as modify the materials available in the library. Create your own tool and share it with the patient!

Session recording and transcripts

Do you need to record a session to then make it available for listening to the patient? Or maybe you need a transcript of recording for supervision?

Therapify will allow you to record each session after obtaining the patient's consent. If you need a transcript, you will receive it automatically after the meeting.

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