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Define parameters

At Therapify, we focus on the ability to customize the collected data to individual needs.

Consultation with a specialist - a psychotherapist or psychiatrist - will definitely help in choosing the right parameters.

Analyze the progress

Enter daily data on the intensity of previously defined parameters and check on the graph how the intensity of individual states and emotions changes.

You will quickly see what changes occur during your psychotherapy and what you should focus on during subsequent meetings with your specialist.

Note the most important events

Use the notes function and note the events that are most important to you.

Your specialist will see your notes in their panel, thanks to which you will stay in touch and during the meeting you will be able to discuss the topics you have marked.

Keep a diary

The diary allows you to collect information about emotions, physiological reactions, thoughts and behaviors that occur in the situations you specify.

Enter this information in real time and you will increase your awareness of how your body reacts to specific situations and stimuli. You will be surprised how much you can learn by analyzing emotional records!

Manage your clients

Invite your clients to use Therapify and manage them from one place.

Therapify allows you to add any number of clients, so everything you need is within the range of your phone. You decide when you have time to analyze the collected data, and you can also react quickly if necessary.

Resign from paper notes

Each of your clients has a dedicated profile in your application, in which you can place any information and notes about them - only you have access to them!

Forget about paper notes and convert them to an electronic version, where you can store information about all your customers in one place! No more loose, lost pages.

Assign tasks

Use the universal template and create tasks for your clients that they should perform between sessions.

Choose a notification date so that your customers can remember your tasks. You can also check whether the task has been completed.

Check the health of your customers

After pairing with your clients, you will receive access to all the data entered by them.

You can check the summary of selected days from therapy where you will see the intensity of individual states and emotions, tasks performed and any notes.

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