Who has access to the data that I enter into the application?

Your data are strictly protected and encrypted.   All the data are gathered in Data Base where all of them are encrypted. We collect two kinds of data: personal data (name, an email address; additionally surname, office address, phone number in the case of specialist), data from the app (all the data entered in the app – other than personal data). Data from the app (entered by the user into the application) and personal data that we collect during registration are stored in separate data structures. This means that we cannot connect personal data with the corresponding data entered by a specific user (nobody is able to connect gathered data with the specific app user). Nobody has access to the app data. The only exception is the situation when we are obligated by law to do that. However, we protect your data with the cooperation of the law office and put your confidentiality first.  To sum up, your data is protected and confidential. Nobody observes entered by you data.  You can find more about data privacy in Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions.

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