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How to use it

Can I use the app outside Poland?

Yes. The app is available in all EU countries. If you would like to use it in a non-EU area, write to us at hello@therapify.ai.

Can my specialist edit my data?

No. No one other than you can edit your account data. The only changes made on your account by the specialist are assignments they schedule for you, parameters, comments and communication by chat.

What is visible to my specialist?

Your specialists can see  your email address and parameters as well as your assignments. The professional you work with can also contact you by the chat and observe the results of questionnaires and forms he scheduled for you.

I am not very familiar with technology. Will I be able to use the app?

It is not a problem at all! Therapify will guide you smoothly through the process of using it. What is more, you can get some extra information about what is done in the app by clicking on “Why do I do this?” button. If you need support on any stage of using the app, write to us at hello@therapify.ai.

How can I offer Therapify to my therapist?

If you wonder about adding your therapist to the Therapify, ask him to download the application and to connect with you by using your email address. When using it with your specialist is totally FREE for you! We recommend telling your specialist about how you use the app and what functionalities does it have. You can offer him to read our website, where there is more information about using the app for a professional user. Tell him that you can both get access to extra functionalities when you use the app together. There is also an option to contact us by email address hello@therapify.ai to get more information and personal guidance.

Who is the app for

Who can use Therapify?

The application is dedicated to people in the process of psychotherapy or pharmacological treatment and their specialists – psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Using the application to monitor your mental condition is available to anyone interested – also without a specialist. Remember that it is still recommended to use it with a specialist to achieve optimal effects.   

Can the app help me with some problems (e.g. aggression) whereas I am not in the therapy process?

Yes. Therapify is dedicated to people who work in cooperation with the professional.  However, there is an option to use it independently. The app will help you to observe the connections between the situation and accompanying emotions, thoughts, physiological reactions and behaviour. There is also an option to set assignments notifications and creating notes. You can use all of these functionalities without being in a therapy process.  Remember, that using the app with a professional is the most effective way to deal with the problem. In that case, you have access to more specialistic solutions as well as get help with choosing parameters tailored to your personal needs and goals.  

Do I have to be a psychotherapist or psychiatrist to use the application as a specialist?

Yes. For psychotherapists, please provide the name of the completed psychotherapy school / certificate number when registering; in the case of psychiatrists – the right to practice a profession. These data are then verified and after a positive passing of the verification process, access to the application part intended for specialists is obtained. For psychotherapists who are not certified but who are in the course of psychotherapy school, it is possible to create an account after presenting a document confirming participation in the certification process.

Can the application be used only to treat specific disorders?

No. The application has been designed to support the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. Due to the fact that functionalities can be individually adapted, the application can be also used in the case of different disorders.

Can I replace psychotherapy or pharmacological treatment by using Therapify?

No. The application has been designed to support the actual process of psychotherapy and/or pharmacotherapy and in no case can be treated as a substitute. The most appropriate way to use the application is to use the available functionalities in consultation with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.


How can I pay for the app when I am working with the specialist?

If you are in the therapy process, you can pay for the visit by using the app. The 4.5% commission will be charged the same time.   

Do I have to add my credit/debit card or payment details during the registration?

No. You don’t have to add any payment details during the registration. Also, you are not obligated to pay after the trial period. You can resign from using the app at any moment of its usage. We will contact you after 60 days of the trial period and ask you for your preference to continue and switch to the paid version.

Do I have to pay after the trial period?

No. You are not obligated to pay and no fee will be taken from you without your direct permission.

Data safety

Who has access to the data that I enter into the application?

Your data are strictly protected and encrypted.   All the data are gathered in Data Base where all of them are encrypted. We collect two kinds of data: personal data (name, an email address; additionally surname, office address, phone number in the case of specialist), data from the app (all the data entered in the app – other than personal data). Data from the app (entered by the user into the application) and personal data that we collect during registration are stored in separate data structures. This means that we cannot connect personal data with the corresponding data entered by a specific user (nobody is able to connect gathered data with the specific app user). Nobody has access to the app data. The only exception is the situation when we are obligated by law to do that. However, we protect your data with the cooperation of the law office and put your confidentiality first.  To sum up, your data is protected and confidential. Nobody observes entered by you data.  You can find more about data privacy in Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions.

Where is my data stored?

The data is stored on a server in the Google Cloud infrastructure located in the European Union in the region of eu3 – Western Europe.

Do you use my data for marketing purposes?

We do not use or distribute to other parties the data we collect about you for marketing purposes.

Is my personal data processed when using the application?

The only personal data we collect are the name and email address! The processing of personal data by Therapify is based on the agreement ensuring the compliance of conditions of data processing with GDPR. A detailed description of how and for what purpose we process your personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy.

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