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Are you planning to implement next functionalities into the application?

Yes! We are constantly working on improving current functions and implementing new ones. If you have any idea about the new feature, be sure to write to us – hello@therapify.ai

I am a psychotherapist/psychiatrist and would like to submit my comments/ideas regarding the application. Where can I do that?

We are very glad for any incoming comments, because thanks to them we are able to refine and develop the product. Tell us your comments/ideas using the contact form on the  Contact page.

For whom

Who can use Therapify?

The application is dedicated to people in the process of psychotherapy or pharmacological treatment and their specialists – psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Using the application to monitor your mental condition is available to anyone interested.

Can I use Therapify without being in the process of psychotherapy or drug treatment?

Of course. The application allows you to track any states, emotions, symptoms; mapping thoughts, emotions, physiological reactions and behaviors in the context of individual life situations; creating tasks / reminders regarding task performance; making notes. You can use all these functions without participating in psychotherapy / pharmacological treatment. Due to the fact that all measurements are defined and entered individually by the user, we encourage the use of the application to consult a specialist who will help in the appropriate configuration of parameters depending on individual goals and needs.

Do I have to be a psychotherapist or psychiatrist to use the application as a specialist?

Yes. For psychotherapists, please provide the name of the completed psychotherapy school / certificate number when registering; in the case of psychiatrists – the right to practice a profession. These data are then verified and after a positive passing of the verification process, access to the application part intended for specialists is obtained. For psychotherapists who are not certified but who are in the course of psychotherapy school, it is possible to create an account after presenting a document confirming participation in the certification process.

Is the application dedicated to psychotherapists working in a specific approach?

The application has been designed on the basis of cognitive-behavioral approach. However, it can be used by psychotherapists of other approaches and psychiatrists at their own discretion due to the possibility of adapting individual functions to individual cases.

Can the application be used only to treat specific disorders?

No. The application has been designed to support the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. Due to the fact that individual functionalities can be individually adapted, the application can also be used in the case of eating disorders, sexual disorders, addiction therapy.

Can I replace psychotherapy or pharmacological treatment by using Therapify?

No. The application has been designed to support the actual process of psychotherapy and / or pharmacotherapy and in no case can be treated as a substitute. The most appropriate way to use the application is to use the available functionalities in consultation with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. If you need immediate support, call (+1) 800 – 273 – 8255. If you are looking for help finding a specialist, please write to us – hello@therapify.ai


Is the application paid?

Access to the part of the application intended for specialists is paid. You can find more information on the Pricing page. The remaining area of the application, i.e. lack of access to the specialist’s version is free.

Can I test the use of the application before I decide to buy it?

Of course. We offer a 30-day trial period for specialists where you can use all the functions of the application without making any payments.

Legal status


Is the application only available in Polish?

No, the application is also available in English. If you are interested in using Therapify in a language other than Polish or English, please write to us – hello@therapify.ai

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